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Any firm is only as good as its people. We pride ourselves on the quality of our highly-trained teams.
We recognise the importance of providing you with a rewarding career. Everyone who joins us brings their own individuality and character to the firm. We don’t look to change that, but we do look to build on it. Being a professional is not just about passing exams, it’s also about building on your interpersonal, management and leadership skills. These are skills which are crucial in any business environment.
Training experience
When you start your training you will have the opportunity to work as part of a team on a wide variety of clients, ranging from small owner-managed businesses to large groups of companies. This will involve work of both an accounting, tax and an auditing nature, and you will gain strong skills in these key areas.
You will additionally receive hands-on involvement with corporate tax work, again building up strong skills in this area, as well as having to liaise with our personal tax department on individuals’ personal tax issues. If that’s not enough you may well find yourself assisting on, for example, a one-off investigation or due diligence case.
You will be working as part of a team virtually from the word go, and the more senior members of the team will provide you with help, advice and direction on each assignment.
Although we specialise in a number of areas, we act for a wide range of clients and you can expect to be involved in a wide variety of businesses. You are encouraged from an early stage to use your experience gained to provide sound ‘value added’ business advice to clients.
Please note there are currently no vacancies available.

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